Decentralized Perpetual Futures Evolved

A decentralized perpetuals exchange with the highest leverage, the most significant number of assets in the market, available on most networks with access to the deepest liquidity

Decentralized Perpetual Futures Evolved

The first perpetuals exchange that focuses heavily on rewarding its traders. Join our communities to stay updated on our launch and early community incentives

Superior Liquidity


Precise Pricing

Affordable Fees

User Experience

Seamless Bridging


With you in the driving seat, your Electra is in your hands. Take full advantage of the platforms many benefits

Network Availability

With the protocol having the most extensive network availability, you can trade on your favorite networks. Electra is available on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Fantom, ZKEVM, and ZKSync


Referral System

As part of the phased rollout of Electra, we have designed a referral system to incrementally increase traders who will strategically test our industry first liquidity technology, powered by Voltage Protocol.

Electra v1 will be a closed network, exclusive to prominent traders, industry leaders, and strategic partners.

3 Levels of Referrals

Participants start at Level 1 and can meet requirements to increase levels

Level 1

3 person invite limit, 1 level of referrals

No trading volume required

Level 2

5 person invite limit, 2 levels of referrals

Must be in top 20% of trading volume

Level 3

Unlimited invite limit, 3 levels of referrals

Must be in top 10% of trading volume

User Incentives

Trader Revenue Share

Loyalty is rewarded on our platform, with traders receiving up to 60% of the overall protocol revenue


Users can mint unique NFTs that unlock several platform benefits, as well as social gamification

Referral Programs

Create a unique code and receive a share of the protocol revenue generated from users you refer