The New Home for Decentralized Perpetual Futures

The most assets, the most networks, the most liquidity of any DEX, and social gamification at its core

The New Home for Decentralized Perpetual Futures

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The Tech Stack that Makes it Possible

With the ultimate architecture for DeFi, Electra harnesses the infrastructure of Injective layer 2 and the deCEX liquidity layer of Lumia to build the ultimate decentralized perpertual trading experience



Most Rewards

The Lowest Fees

The Most Social

Seamless Bridging

Why Electra?

See why Electra is the new home for perps traders.

The Most Social Trading Platform Ever

Everything is more fun with friends, and trading is no exception. By incorporating social gamification and lucrative trading competitions at its core, Electra elevates your trading experience to be crowned as the new home for perpetual trading

Real Time Chatting

Trading needed a makeover. Electra evolves the trading experience with real-time chatting integrated directly within the UI/UX

Real Time Trades

Trades on Electra are visible in real-time, showing profits, losses, position sizes, and more

Leaderboards and Stats

From biggest winner or loser of the day, largest volume traded, to largest PNL%, our stats system serves as the hub for the top performers in the Electra ecosystem

Competition is Always Good

Electra is proud to have formed the Electra Trading League (ETL) where individuals and teams compete for seasonal trophies, perks, and lucrative rewards based on their trading performance to be crowned as the ETL champs

Proof of Trade NFTs, No Fake Clout

Show off your mega chad/mega rekt trade on socials by minting the Electrafax NFT to prove your trade. Electrafax are not just for clout, the NFTs will accrue points towards lucrative rewards and leaderboard multipliers

Whether it be for solo bragging rights or team domination, challenge friends and earn lucrative rewards simply by trading on Electra